Complete list: Why take an Excel training course?

What are the most common reasons to participate in Excel courses?

Excel schooling will teach you new ways or refresh skills to perform calculations and analysis by using formulas, functions, tables, macros, diagrams, graphs and charts. Below you will find a list of some of the advantages of participating in Excel classes and VBA macro programming training.

Master shortcuts, functions and formulas that save time and increase productivity

  • Combine functions into useful formulas and use in calculations
  • Cut hours of labour by using Pivot tables to analyse data - also reduces or eliminates the need to type in formulas
  • Discover new tools to share your work
  • Find new and more efficient ways to analyse data
  • Save minutes every day by using short-cut keys

Learn how to produce professional-looking charts and diagrams for reports, presentations and printouts

  • Learn the tricks to produce professional charts and graphs
  • Add colour and images to improve readability and get messages across to the audience more effectively
  • Go from raw data to model to presentation with professional charts literally within minutes
  • Include diagrams in marketing reports and sales presentations to boost sales and readability
  • Find new ways to visualize data

Shorten workdays using recorded and programmed macros

  • Reduce workload each month by automating repetitive tasks by using macros
  • Learn how to record your actions in Excel and replay them automatically
  • Significantly reduces time spent on repetitive work tasks
  • Macros can also be used to add new functions to Excel

Understand the work of colleagues and Excel solutions found on the Internet

  • Decipher complex Excel models produced by current or former colleagues
  • Being at the same knowledge level makes it easier to communicate ideas with colleagues
  • Reduce the number of dangerous and costly Excel model errors
  • Find and correct calculation mistakes