On-site Excel training method

We provide on-site Excel training according to the following method.

Tailored company Excel education and tutoring - at your office

Excelkurs Direkt courses are adapted to your needs, tempo and requirements. The Excel training and courses are performed at your company, at your office or in any other environment you prefer. Taking the course at your office allows for scheduling the training at the most convenient time and place, without loss of work time and without losing time and money on travel and lodging.

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Hands-on exercises in Excel files

During a typical training session, the tutor mixes theoretical walk-throughs and individual exercises in Excel files with question-and-answer sessions.

Private and confidential internal learning environment

Our private one-on-one classes or small group sessions allow for particularly fast progress. You have the undivided attention of the tutor. This confidential environment also allows for problem-solving of sensitive issues relevant to your organisation or business. We routinely sign non-disclosure agreements to assure complete confidentiality.

Knowledgeable and personable Excel tutors and VBA programming teachers

All our tutors and teachers are very devoted, multilingual and holding university diplomas, all contributing to high quality Excel classes and great results.

Flexible and customised, company-tailored Excel classes and training

The Excel classes are adapted to the needs of you and your colleagues. We can also arrange intensive crash courses and bespoke Excel courses, VBA programming and IT training seminars and sessions for organisations. We can also arrange training sessions and Excel support through e-mail, chat or video conferencing.