Excel courses and VBA training in Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Aveiro, Faro, Algarve and Coimbra

Excel schooling, courses, classes and training in English in Portugal

Excelkurs Direkt offer company-tailored Excel courses and tutor-led Excel classes in English in Portugal

Excel training in Portugal - Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Aveiro, Faro (Algarve), Coimbra and more

We provide courses in several locations in Portugal, such as Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Aveiro, Faro (Algarve), Coimbra, Amadora, Viseu, Setúbal and other cities.

Introductory, intermediate, advanced and VBA macro courses in Excel

Excelkurs Direkt provide Excel schooling and training in Portugal on three levels: introductory, intermediate and advanced courses. We also provide training in Excel macro and application programming in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

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Flexible and confidential Excel classes - held at your office or online

The training in Portugal is held at your office or any other location you desire, with an English-speaking tutor. This gives you the ability to decide when, where and how the training should be conducted. The confidential environment of our private one-on-one Excel sessions allows for problem-solving of sensitive issues relevant to your organisation or business. We also arrange online training courses using tutoring via video conferencing tools.