Excel courses

Excel Course 1: Basic introduction course, fundamental Excel functionality

Through our Excel education for beginners, you will get schooling in the most important aspects of Excel use. Workbooks and worksheets, cell data, referencing between worksheets, sorting, filtering, finding and replacing text and common Excel formulas and Excel functions. We make Excel diagrams based on tables and format the pages for printing. You will also learn to illustrate numbers and calculations using informative images and illustrations.

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Excel Course 2: Intermediate course, Excel at work - the next step

Our intermediate Excel training will give you practice in the most commonly used aspects of Excel. Learn how to combine functions into Excel formulas and finding the right Excel functions. Create Excel calculation models and illustrate them making Excel charts. You will also learn to illustrate numbers and calculations using informative images and illustrations and use them in Powerpoint.

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Excel Course 3: Advanced course, Excel master class

During our advanced Excel training sessions, we cover a range of Excel tools and concepts for common work tasks: Get data from external sources, pinpointing data with functions, data views with pivot tables and pivot charts, data analysis with the goal seeker and the solver, collaboration, sharing and consolidation of data, different types of forms as well as Excel macros and objects.

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Course in Google Sheets

The Google Sheets (also for G Suite) course consists of a number of modules that can be combined as desired. An introduction to working with Google Sheets, basic functions, rounding and random numbers, filtering, sorting, conditional functions, errors and handling errors, using tables and arrays, creating graphs, charts and diagrams, analysing data, using lookups, summarising data with pivot tables, cleaning text data, converting numbers, transforming dates and times, validate data formats and contents, using Google-specific, non-Excel functions. 

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